Body Treatments

The body treatments detailed below are very beneficial to your general health – as well as the feel good factor associated with them.  Our bodies are covered with clothes most of the time and forgotten about, but they need just as much love and attention as our hands, face and feet. The benefits of body brushing and massage alone are endless.

Treat yourself to our Intensity treatments. Massage is used to maintain physical health as well as inducing relaxation. It helps to alleviate the build-up of stress and tension in the muscles from every day use.

Benefits of massage include:

  • Aids weight loss
  • Relieves aches and pains and help to tone the muscles
  • Relaxation of tight muscles and helps with stiff joints
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to aid the removal of waste products in the body
  • Improves skin colour/texture/elasticity and breaks down fatty tissue
  • Stimulates and soothes nerve endings in the skin
  • Aids exfoliation process
  • Softens and moisturises skin tissue
  • Helps stimulate metabolism naturally and improve general health

Our massage therapists use soft relaxing background music to help draw the mind and body into a completely relaxed state.

Stress Buster

Body Beautiful Body Scrub

Body brushing aids circulation and is known to be an excellent exfoliant – removing any dead skin cells.  This leaves your skin super soft and fully revitalised.

Body brushing also warms your muscles and increases elasticity which helps prepare them for the massage.

An amazing combination of two very popular treatments!

Full Body Scrub 30mins £25.00

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