Laser Hair Removal

Basically, the laser is attracted to the protein called melanin. This is the pigment in your hair that gives it its natural colour.

Our laser releases heat energy that targets the pigments in individual hairs. This safely damages the hair roots which in turn prohibits growth. The laser is only able to target hair that is in a state of growth, therefore we recommend a series of sessions to effectively remove all unwanted hair. Usually a series of six to eight sessions is sufficient to permanently remove all the hair in a given area.

At SKINDEEP we use the finest laser hair removal technology on the market which removes hair comfortably, effectively and effortlessly. It has further capabilities of treating vascular and pigmented lesions and wrinkles.

Removing unwanted hair using laser hair removal is an effortless and comfortable procedure that will leave you with beautiful smooth skin. Our discreet and private facilities complemented by our professionally trained staff will provide you with the highest standard laser hair removal services.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Treatments are usually booked as courses. As explained earlier, a course of treatments is needed to effectively remove all the hair in any area. However you will see results after the first session. To effectively remove hair permanently you will require around six sessions.

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser based aesthetic procedures as it can provide permanent reduction of unwanted hair, which is why people often refer to it as ‘permanent hair removal‘.

Laser Hair Removal Prices:


Individual Treatment Course of 6 Course of 9
Upper Lip £40.00 £190.00 £279.00
Chin £40.00 £190.00 £279.00
Lip & Chin £70.00 £335.00 £489.00
Full Face £110.00 £529.00 £769.00
Bikini £45.00 £220.00 £315.00
Underarm £45.00 £220.00 £315.00
Brazilian £95.00 £455.00 £665.00
Hollywood £125.00 £600.00 £870.00
Lower Back £80.00 £384.00 £559.00
Stomach £135.00 £648.00 £945.00
½ Arm £90.00 £435.00 £630.00
Full Arm £135.00 £650.00 £940.00
½ Leg £120.00 £579.00 £839.00
Full Leg £150.00 £720.00 £999.00
½ Leg & Bikini £145.00 £699.00 £999.00
½ Leg, Bikini & Underarm £180.00 £865.00 £1,249.00
Full Leg & Bikini £165.00 £795.00 £1,150.00
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm £195.00 £940.00 £1,360.00


Individual Treatment Course of 6 Course of 9
Middle of Brows £20.00 £95.00 £140.00
Hands £35.00 £170.00 £245.00
Shoulders £60.00 £290.00 £419.00
Lower Back £80.00 £385.00 £559.00
Full Back £155.00 £745.00 £999.00
Stomach £140.00 £670.00 £976.00
½ Leg £120.00 £579.00 £839.00
Full Leg £150.00 £720.00 £999.00
½ Arm £90.00 £435.00 £630.00
Full Arm £135.00 £650.00 £940.00
Full Back & Shoulders £175.00 £840.00 £1,100.00

Fact Sheet must read before treatment

So what is Laser Hair Removal?

There are lots of different types of cosmetic lasers. The ones used for hair removal use the colour that is in your hair to heat up and damage the root enough to stop the hair growing again. If you are considering laser hair removal here is what you need to know.

  • Fact #1 – No Hair Colour, No Hair Removal
    If you’re very blonde or grey there is not enough hair colour to allow the laser to heat and damage to root and prevent future hair growth.
  • Fact #2 – If your hairs not growing, the laser can’t work
    Every hair on your face and body is in one of three stages. The first stage in the cycle where your hair grows is called the Anagen phase. Only hairs in this growth phase can be treated successfully which is why you need an average of 8 treatments at 4 or 5 week intervals to get close to the result you’re looking for.
  • Fact #3 – One-off Laser hair removal is rarely permanent
    After 8 -10 treatments most people would be consider the treated area to be hair free, with the only hairs left growing being short fine vellus hairs. But it’s not uncommon for some hairs to regrow and occasional future ‘top up’ treatments being necessary.
  • Fact #4 – Laser hair removal hurts
    We’re not talking about child birth levels of pain, but more like the equivalent of a light flick of an elastic band. Needless to say, some parts of the body can hurt more than others.
  • Fact #5 – Lasers are dangerous
    The lasers that work are very powerful and potentially dangerous. Use the wrong settings for your skin and hair colour and horrific burns can be caused. The laser Operators skill is a key part in preventing damage to your skin.
  • Fact #6 – It’s not cheap or quick
    Everything from the cost of the best machines to the red tape that allows you to provide treatments is expensive. This means treatments are not cheap. To help we offer package deals and the cost can be spread over the 8 – 10 months the treatment plan normally takes to complete.

What parts of the body do we treat?

We’ve treated most areas of the body. Popular treatment areas for women include facial hair removal, legs, bikini and under arms. Mens laser hair removal is also becoming increasingly popular. The most common areas we treat are shoulder, back and chest hair.

Permanent hair removal?

No matter what you may have read, using a laser to remove hair probably won’t remove 100% of hair permanently, but should dramatically reduce growth to what too many is seen as permanent. What’s more, any hair re-growth is likely to be paler and weaker. So if you’re guaranteed “permanent hair removal” – worry! This is because lasers need the pigment within the hair to work with different results being obtained based on the hairs colour. White, grey or platinum blond hair do not respond nearly as well as dark hairs.

Additionally, hair removal treatment works best on new hairs that are just starting to grow, which is why you will need a number of treatments in the same area to ensure you capture the hairs as they begin their growth cycle. Even then new hairs can grow or hairs that simply managed to avoid treatment whilst in the right growth phase can get missed.

What happens during a treatment?

You will need to wear special goggles to protect your eyes. Very cold air or a cooling gel will be applied to the treatment area. Lasering stings or tingles, and takes 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area. The same area is lasered once a month for about eight months until all the hair follicles have been treated in the optimum growth phase.
After a treatment the skin may look red and slightly swollen, but this should disappear within 24 hours. You can return to normal daily life straight away.


Most people need an average of 8 sessions for best results. The damaged hairs are shed gradually in the two weeks after treatment.

The Risks

  • Laser hair removal works best, and has fewest risks, on pale skin.
  • Let any sun tan fade before you consider treatment.
  • The skin can be left with dark marks or pale patches, which should fade over several months.
  • Laser hair removal does not always work well on red hair or grey hair because laser energy is absorbed by pigment and there is little or no pigment in these hair colours.
  • People with darker complexions, run the risk of too much energy being absorbed and damaging the skin,
  • You should also avoid laser hair removal treatment if you are particularly sensitive to light or have any infection around the place to be treated.
  • You should not have laser hair removal treatment if you have been treated for acne with Isotretinoin in the previous year.


Please note that on average 8 treatment sessions are required for optimum results

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