Here at SKINDEEP we have three top-of-the-range sunbeds.

One stand up and two lie down.

Pop in anytime even if it’s just for a look and a chat.

Indoor Tanning – the safe, sensible way to get a great tan

To get maximum benefit and produce a deeper tan we recommend you use one of our tanning accelerator lotions, these stimulate the skin circulation which in turn increases the oxygen supply producing a deeper tan

We can help create your Personal Tanning Plan

 Preparation is the key to achieving the best possible tan.

We can help create a tanning program that’s right for you and your unique skin type.  Before you start we can help you create your plan and target.  This is the key to achieving and maintaining a natural-looking glow. Tanning is about more than just looking good, it’s also about the satisfaction of knowing you are taking the best care of your skin. Give your skin the right tan in a controlled environment!

Cost & Discount Courses

Stand up Per minute £1.00
IBED Per minute £1.00
Laydown Per minute £1.00

Courses for IBED, Stand up and Laydown

45 minutes £30.00
70 minutes £50.00
90 minutes £60.00
180 minutes £120.00

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